Main allegations in Invokana lawsuit

Horror of Leg Amputation After Taking Invokana for Type 2 Diabetes
July 3, 2016

Main allegations in Invokana lawsuit

invokana lawsuit update

Sold under the brand name Invokana, canagliflozin is an inhibitor of sodium-glucose co-transporter 2 (SGLT2). It is most widely used for the treatment of diabetes. Since its inceptions, this medication has been an important product in Janssen’s product line.

Unfortunately, it has been linked with plenty of negative reports to the extent where the FDA warned about Invokana’s fatal side-effects. Some of the most unsafe complications include diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney damage, amputation and cardiac arrest.

The most commonly reported health risks associated with Invokana are the following:

  • lower limb amputation
  • impairment of renal function
  • acute kidney injury
  • hyperkalemia
  • hypotension
  • increased low-density lipoprotein
  • bone fracture

In the invokana lawsuit update, the following are the main concerns that has been pointed out by the attorneys:

  • not clearly mentioning the health risks linked with invokana
  • failed to conduct proper clinical safety studies or research
  • Janssen has been negligent in the manufacture of invokana
  • failed to warn both the patients and physicians of the serious side effects
  • withholding the clear information about the drug from FDA
  • The company continued misbranding and misrepresenting the drug’s effectiveness

The invokana lawyer will fight to help its plaintiffs get the maximum share from the lawsuits. Sometimes, if the jury finds the drug company in manufacturing selling, branding the drug to be associated with improper business practice, they can be fined with punitive damages.

What to expect from the financial compensation?

  • medical costs for both ongoing and future bills
  • physical and mental pain and suffering caused by amputation and kidney damage
  • loss of earning capacity
  • lost wage from unnecessary health complications
  • degraded quality of regular life
  • punitive damages, if applicable

If you or a loved one is suffering as a result of Invokana side effects, get in touch with the team of Till date, there have been verdicts in favor of the victims; so you have to speak up about your undue suffering, do not delay as there is generally a strict deadline to file the lawsuit. Know more from their website and get an appointment for free consultation over 1 (855) 973-4136.

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