Invokana Lawsuit FAQs and Your Legal Rights

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about your legal right to file an Invokana lawsuit or complaint about another medication with serious health complications:

1What factors are needed to file an Invokana lawsuit?
If you have suffered serious health complications and the side effects of Invokana including ketoacidosis or kidney damage, you may be entitled to file a complaint.
2What is the compensation for Invokana injuries?
The circumstances for each patient vary, and the first settlements have not been reached to provide a guideline. However, some project that Invokana compensation may involve six figures.
3Is it possible to join a class action suit for Invokana or other diabetes drugs?
An Invokana lawyer is currently reviewing complaints about SGLT2 inhibitors.
4Has multidistrict litigation (MDL) been established for Invokana lawsuits?
MDL, coordinating the hearing of similar cases, has not been scheduled.
5How many Invokana lawsuits have been filed?
Hundreds of Invokana patients have complained about serious health complications, and some anticipate that thousands may file a lawsuit.
6What is the status of Invokana lawsuits, which have already been filed?
In early 2016, the Invokana litigation was still in the preliminary stages.
7Will I need to pay an Invokana lawyer to discuss filing a lawsuit?
You can schedule a free consultation to review the injuries experienced from Invokana or another dangerous medication.
8Does filing an Invokana complaint take a long time?
You simply need to submit some basic information through our online form before an Invokana lawyer schedules a free consultation.

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